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Welcome to 2connects

Dating is not a truth or dare challenge, it is a life event.  Everyone has different ideas surrounding life events, but there is one life event most everyone strives for – spending the rest of their lives with the “perfect someone”.


There is no “perfect someone”, no “soul mate”, or “love of my life”.
There is the one you find attractive, charming, and has an infectious laugh while making you feel protected and supported.  We are all looking for the one person who respects us, applauds our accomplishments, and encourages us to be a better person. 
At 2Connects we understand these goals.
Searching on computer generated internet dating web services or leaving it to chance in bars or questionable social gatherings can be frustrating and disappointing.
2Connects places your priority of a specific relationship goal as their priority.  We have incorporated background checks, video uploads, and personal matching to help assist you in attaining your relationship goals.
Give 2Connects a try.  You have tried other options, and let’s face it, you are still unfulfilled (or you wouldn’t be reading this).

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