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Tier Charges

All charges are for a four (4) month time period. 2Connects feels that everyone should allow themselves at least that period of time to give themselves the opportunity to explore their dating opportunities.
2Connects will not automatically renew your enrollment.
Renewal is the sole responsibility of each client.
2Connects will send two (2) e-mail reminders to each client during the fourth month of their enrollment.
Remember there are no contracts and no automatic renewals.

The Cubic Zirconium and Ruby Tiers will be charged for all events unless they are designated FREE events.
Pre-registering at least 7 days in advance for a participation-fee event will entitle Cubic Zirconium and Ruby Tiers to a 30% discount. This discount could amount to as much as a $60.00 savings.
Bring-a-friend events are entitled to the same event charge as the client.